Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What do you get by doing things and moving around?
Because the "sense of something did properly" is important in a persons life. Without that he cannot remain peaceful, wealthy and healthy

If you get good and bad results from your work, why do you work? cant you go to some ashram ?

NO! the truth is that no one can live without work. Every single moment everything in the world is doing some work. Without work nothing can exist and without thoughts humans cannot live.
So the right thoughts and work brings you peace,wealth and health. In that sense whatever you are doing right now is the right work if you learn to do it more peacefully and efficiently. For that think clear,talk clear,execute clear. Do smart work, do hard work. Even in ashrams people do work do you know? You quit your present work and go to ashram , then your peace will be definitely lost. because there you will be doing a lesser quality work (than what you can actually do), lesser quality respect but will be bounded by strict rules which are not logically justifiable- They are just implemented for the cause of protecting the peace of ashram. you will see some of the most powerful people in the ashram will be breaking them too. Go your way more sharper , smarter and stronger because that will bring you all that you want