Friday, August 22, 2014

How to share files via home wifi

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You can copy any size files without the help of internet (dropbox, google drive etc..), if you have a wifi router in your place. It is faster than you share it via internet sites because the network is all yours, you don’t share the bandwidth with anyone. This might particularly help you to copy large files like movies from your neighbor.

Operating system:               Windows 7
Wifi network name :            syamkriz
Maximum speed attained: 2MB/Sec (depends on your wifi router - mine is a Netgear)

Switch on your wifi network. Make sure both your computers ( source and destination) connected to wifi.

  • Configurations on both source and destination computers

Click windows start

Make sure the windows service "server" is started, else start it

  • Settings on the destination computer to which you want to copy file

Copy paste the path Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center on address bar

Make sure you have "public network" mentioned beneath your wifi

 If not double click on it to change it to "Public network". Click public network on the resulting pop up screen .

Now share your folder by ->right click->properties->sharing

Click on share

 Select everyone click on add

Select read/write

Click on share

Notice the sharing location, press done button

After this you need to obtain the full hostname of the source computer. For this navigate to the below given path in control panel Control Panel\System and Security\System

  • Settings on source computer where your file resides

Logon to the source computer, navigate to windows->Run-> type network location

You can see the folder in the other source computer, you can copy paste the files. You can copy any size files , it is faster than you share it via internet sites because the network is all yours, you don’t share the bandwidth with anyone.

You can copy paste any files to this network location. As you see, we access a folder in destination computer

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Friday, June 14, 2013

IT industry today

IT industry and its people in India today is going through a tough situation.

  1.  We are offering consulting services, customer is skeptical about it
  2. The competition within Indian companies has gone to such and extent that it started influencing pay cuts of people. At the same time due to removal of diesel subsidies , cost of living in India is going up
  3. US goverment is bringing in more regulations aimed at stopping outsourcing

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What do you get by doing things and moving around?
Because the "sense of something did properly" is important in a persons life. Without that he cannot remain peaceful, wealthy and healthy

If you get good and bad results from your work, why do you work? cant you go to some ashram ?

NO! the truth is that no one can live without work. Every single moment everything in the world is doing some work. Without work nothing can exist and without thoughts humans cannot live.
So the right thoughts and work brings you peace,wealth and health. In that sense whatever you are doing right now is the right work if you learn to do it more peacefully and efficiently. For that think clear,talk clear,execute clear. Do smart work, do hard work. Even in ashrams people do work do you know? You quit your present work and go to ashram , then your peace will be definitely lost. because there you will be doing a lesser quality work (than what you can actually do), lesser quality respect but will be bounded by strict rules which are not logically justifiable- They are just implemented for the cause of protecting the peace of ashram. you will see some of the most powerful people in the ashram will be breaking them too. Go your way more sharper , smarter and stronger because that will bring you all that you want

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rajas , thamas and satva gunas

what is rajoguna, thamoguna, satva guna?
raja--> happens automatically in the mind.....
krotham=anger, abhimanam=pride,ahamkaram=ego,mathsaram=competition
prerithamaya gunangal...induced qualities
nikrishta karmam= worst acts,kamakrotdhadhikalku karanam=causes lust and anger
sathva guna-->
God Hari is example for good qualities.dhairyam,budhi
what are satva gunas(good qualities),sat karma(best not smart deeds)?
courage,budhi,presence of mind=resist lack of alertness,Since the inner mind is in balance the knowledge passed by organs gets into mind clearly, In this balanced state you get the vivekam= you becomes aware of what is going on, in satva state you move towards peace, sat karma is the karma with dedication and result is satvic guna,

what is the difference between sat karma and satvic guna? How to get the energy to go for the right path?

through sat karma(good deeds) you attain satvic guna. Only thing to improve satvic guna is to do sat karma, While doing sat karma you become aware of what is going on, The result of good deeds is more energy to pursue the right path.

Just build this

The first is competence — just being good at what you do, whatever it is, and focusing on the job you have, not on the job you think you want to have. The second one is confidence. People want to know what you think. So you have to have enough desirable self-confidence to articulate a point of view. The third thing is caring. Nothing today is about one individual. This is all about the team, and in the end, this is about giving a damn about your customers, your company, the people around you, and recognizing that the people around you are the ones who make you look good.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A lack of leadership for a fraction of second

No matter how good leader you are. A lack of leadership for a moment can pay high prices for you. Even when you are tensed with lot of jobs you have, you need excercise care, confidence and unparelell skills. Else you might need to pay high prices for yourself.

Friday, May 22, 2009


The world is imperfect ( Or am I imperfect to understand its perfection - if then who made me imperfect - why it happened). The procedures and tools available to fill the defects are not completely developed.If so How do I make it? I can learn and make seemless expertize on the existing systems. The most trusted and time tested systems like traditional value system, corporate value system,Yoga,Kalari , Jim. But still they provide an incomplete map and defective tools. But I know I will make it,No matter what.For I know , I believe, I struggle