Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rajas , thamas and satva gunas

what is rajoguna, thamoguna, satva guna?
raja--> happens automatically in the mind.....
krotham=anger, abhimanam=pride,ahamkaram=ego,mathsaram=competition
prerithamaya gunangal...induced qualities
nikrishta karmam= worst acts,kamakrotdhadhikalku karanam=causes lust and anger
sathva guna-->
God Hari is example for good qualities.dhairyam,budhi
what are satva gunas(good qualities),sat karma(best not smart deeds)?
courage,budhi,presence of mind=resist lack of alertness,Since the inner mind is in balance the knowledge passed by organs gets into mind clearly, In this balanced state you get the vivekam= you becomes aware of what is going on, in satva state you move towards peace, sat karma is the karma with dedication and result is satvic guna,

what is the difference between sat karma and satvic guna? How to get the energy to go for the right path?

through sat karma(good deeds) you attain satvic guna. Only thing to improve satvic guna is to do sat karma, While doing sat karma you become aware of what is going on, The result of good deeds is more energy to pursue the right path.

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